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The Health Holding Company

The Health Holding Company is a national state-owned company that provides comprehensive and integrated healthcare services through the health clusters that serve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

Our vision

Advancing care to elevate health and wellbeing for all

Our mission

Our mission

Deliver an innovative and sustainable model of care for better quality of life, for all

Our valuesOur values
Deliver with compassion
Passionate for excellence
Lead with innovation
Empower with trust
Act as one

Health Clusters

A health cluster is a corporatized integrated ecosystem that encompasses all healthcare facilities within a designated catchment area. The health clusters are responsible for the health and wellness of the population of their area, which extends beyond care to include prevention and awareness.

Health cluster
The NorthernSectorThe EasternSectorThe CentralSectorThe WesternSectorThe SouthernSector

HSTP Strategic Objectives

HSTP Strategic Objectives
  • Saudi Vision 2030 pillar

    One of the three major pillars

  • Level 1 objectives

    Overarching objectives

  • Level 2 objectives

    Branch objectives

  • Level 3 objectives

    Strategic objectives

The Journey of the Health Clusters

Health clusters embark on a comprehensive transformative journey aimed at transitioning them from scattered facilities under the Ministry of Health into accountable care organizations (ACOs). This journey aims to meet all the healthcare needs of the population of designated catchment areas. It passes through five gates: transitioning from the oversight of the Ministry of Health to that of the Health Holding Company, until they’re ready to become ACOs.

Ministry of Health

Scattered facilities

Health Holding

Health Clusters development journey

Health cluster


The Journey

Health transformation plans

Healthcare Transformation Workshops

Healthcare Transformation Workshops

The Health Holding Company began its journey in 2016, when healthcare transformation workshops were held. These workshops, which focused on challenges and opportunities to improve the healthcare sector in the Kingdom, led to the development of a national healthcare transformation strategy, and launching the Corporatization and Model of Care initiatives.

Model of Care Pilot

Model of Care Pilot

In 2017, the first health cluster in the Kingdom was established as part of the National Transformation Program. In the same year, the Model of Care was piloted in five regions across the country.

National Implementation of the Model of Care

National Implementation of the Model of Care

Following the success of piloting the Model of Care in five regions, it was implemented nationwide in 2018. This decision marked a significant milestone in the healthcare transformation journey, as the model of care played a crucial role in improving key performance indicators of the healthcare sector in the Kingdom.

Establishment of the Health Holding Company

Establishment of the Health Holding Company

The Health Holding Company was established in 2022 via a royal decree. Under the umbrella of the Health Care Transformation Program (HSTP); one of Saudi Vision 2030’s program, the Health Holding Company aims to advance healthcare provision, and deliver an innovative and sustainable model of care for better quality of life for all.

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